Purchasers of structured settlements and other periodic payments  
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Lump sum cash payments for your future income stream

Northeastern Capital has established a distinguished record of performance in the alternative cash flow industry. Our innovative techniques and guidelines allow us to successfully turn alternative cash flow instruments such as structured settlements, insurance settlements, lottery & contest winnings, and other periodic payments into lump sum cash payments at no risk and at no cost to our clients.

Outstanding Customer Service

We put our client's needs first. Our lump sum payment plans are flexible and individually tailored to each client's financial goals.

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No Risk, No Cost

Our team of legal and financial experts answer any questions our clients or their legal and financial advisors may have, assist in establishing financial goals and professionally administer every part of the transaction. There is absolutely no obligation or cost to the client.

Benefit from the Leader

Our unique knowledge and proven techniques have helped many alternative cash flow clients realize their dreams. Our success and experience in this unique market has positioned us as a well-funded resource for these types of transactions. In many cases, Northeastern Capital has been able to close transactions when other sources cannot. Northeastern Capital gives structured cash flow recipients the option to benefit from future payments today.

Why should you have to wait for your money?..... You Don't!

Let us show you how to collect your future payments now...


Purchasers of structured settlements and other periodic payments
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